Why use a Marketing Agency?

If you are like most of our clients, you are here for at least one of the following reasons:

• You want to get your marketing our of the stone ages
• You need better results from your marketing
• You want to reach a new or different audience
• You want to save time and money
• You need to appear innovative
• You need the expertise of a in-house team without the 

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the process

Schedule your Free Discovery Call.

Let's talk about your current marketing efforts, discover opportunities and talk about the best marketing strategy going forward.

We bring the strategy to life.

Whether you choose done for you or done with you strategy, we're here to have your back and make sure your business is headed in the right direction.

Start seeing results!

We evaluate and refine the plan to optimize it for the best results. All you have to do is run your business - knowing your marketing is on point.


brand development 

Your brand is part of everything your company does and everything your company does is part of your brand. We make sure your brand represents you well.

media placement

You need someone on your side when spending your marketing dollars - we can save you time and money and meet with media reps and vendors for you.

digital advertising

From Google and YouTube to Facebook and Snapchat, digital advertising can get your message to the audience you choose at a reasonable price.

web design

A website has to be visually appealing and, most importantly, convert. We build message-focused websites with responsive layout and user experience in mind.


Search Engine Optimization is key in getting your brand found on Search Engines and helping AI understand what your site and brand is all about.

video production

Video is highly engaging and captures your audiences attention. We produce commercials, webinars and training videos that can keep your customers interested and watching.

public relations

We identify news and human interest opportunities to pitch to local, regional and national media and amplify the results via social media and your web site.

Social media management

Posting on social media at the right time and in the right voice can make the difference between a successful and a mediocre presence. We engage your audience for you.

local seo

Local Directory sites like Google My Business and Apple Maps Connect drive mobile searches on millions of mobile phones. Local SEO allows your customers to find you when they are ready to buy.

About Us

The short story: Captivate Minds has been in the marketing business since the late-1990s when we got a start in print media and website design. We have been a full-service marketing agency since 2000 and added digital and social media from the early days of Google and Facebook. Being one of the few early digital agency has given us the opportunity to be on the forefront of many of the trends and platforms that now dominate the market - and we are committed to finding new trends, markets and technologies every day.


Check out what our clients say about us!

rachel l. dauzat 

River Oaks Square Arts Center, Mirage Luxury Pools, M&R Recycling and M&R Treatment Systems

Having collaborated with Captivate Minds for over fifteen years on a multitude of creative projects, I can honestly attest to how their team has helped embody who we are as company, incorporating our mission and revitalizing our vision.  Knowledgeable, creative, tech savvy, and personable are just a few words to describe this dynamic company. 

emily abernathy

Content Creator

Tobias knows what he's talking about. He understands the big picture and doesn't mess around. Helped me out when I was in a real bind. Can't recommend him enough.

rhonda reap-curiel

Cencor Consulting (via LinkedIn)

I absolutely love working with Tobias. He has the ability to take the ideas I have for a project and turn them into a creative masterpiece. His knowledge of current techniques, technology and trends never ceases to amaze me.

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